This website and book ‘Relaxed face and eyes’ (or the “Frowning Book”) is about relaxing the eyes, un-frowning, freeing the sinuses, boosting facial vitality and calming the mind.

I make links between stress, forehead-tension, tension-headaches, face, eye muscles, red-eyes, sinuses, breathing and our mindfulness and sense of self. By ‘mindfulness and sense of self’ I mean how we view and welcome the outside world into us and how we physically hold our body, heads, eyes and focus. In short, I explore how a stressful ‘go-getting’ life manifests itself in and around our foreheads, and how to address this.


Don’t frown, frup

Do we have an English word for the opposite of frowning? I’ll call it ‘frupping’.  Frown is down, ‘frup’ is up.  Don’t frown, frup.



More about frowning

My book was written in a spirit of self-exploration, open-mindedness and light-heartedness. It is in a cross-over area between biology, vitality, body, face, breathing, mindfulness and awareness. It bridges the ‘inner self’, the body and the ‘social’. In this complex arena, I and readers bring their own interpretation.

Please treat these ideas alongside those from all walks of life, including those of trained doctors and medics. While the ideas in this book make sense for me, they may not work for you.

This book is autobiographical in terms of its observations and exercises. Please read my terms and disclaimer. Note, I am not a medic or biologically trained, and I am not a trained authority on eyes, sinuses and stress. I have an inquiring mind and I believe I am observant about my life, body and circumstances and I observe other humans around me.  I am a ‘normal’ man living in the UK who in his thirties went to hell and back with work-related stress, learnt some lessons and is now attempting to find a balance between hard work and relaxation.

Relaxed face