My Story

Relaxing my face and eyes

My name is Bruce Lankford.  This site introduces readers to my kindle book on how I discovered to relax my face, eyes and sinuses.

In the early 2000s I struggled with incessant frowning, red eyes and blocked sinuses. I had a set of health problems that were related to frowning, and work-stress, and to eye strain from excessive convergence focussing (too much close-up computer work) and also from not managing my health via diet, sleep, relaxation or exercise. I often had a stuffy nose and was frequently clearing my sinuses blowing my nose into tissues each morning.  I also was struck by labyrinthitis (loss of balance) over a 6-month period.

These two photos are taken from about 2000 scanned from a family photo album.  Clicking on the photos reveals the frowning more clearly.

Frowning Frowning again

In both I am frowning but with no reason as I was standing happily next to my brother.   As I said above, my frowning was a semi-permanent state of affairs.

I reduced these problems by learning to ‘relax my eyes’, unfrown my face, breathe more deeply and be more in my body. I learnt to put space in my forehead – I found out what was meant by the ‘third eye chakra’ and started to sense, and even influence, the health and openness of my sinuses.

Not only did I cease visible frowning (from the forceful contraction of the forehead muscles) but I also relaxed the subtle tension of the muscles that surround the eyes. And in the process, over time, I started to sleep longer and more deeply, and became healthier-looking, felt more energetic and had more vitality.   These days I am older (with greyer and less hair) but I feel and look far less stressed.

In the book I outline three breakthroughs which made me realise I was on the right path to undo facial and forehead tension. In one breakthrough I did something with my eyes that released considerable tension around my forehead and eye-region. In the second breakthrough, I could breathe without a blocked nose – without that whistling noise of air passing through my nose. In the third breakthrough, I could see a much wider view of the world, as if having wide-angle eyes.  The book describes other life-lessons as well.


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