The book is the product of 10 years of exploring a healthier way of living. As indicated in the book, I assume that to reduce red eyes and frowning, one has to be interested in a healthy diet; taking restful breaks and holidays; reducing time spent sitting at a computer; some yoga and meditation; and spending ‘quality time’ with friends and family (in other words, seeking a more balanced day). I think it is difficult to reduce frowning while maintaining a ‘head’-oriented way of living.

I will therefore assume that readers have access to other books, materials and people to find out more about meditation, mindfulness, yoga and diet.

I also assume that people reading this book will be interested in reducing their frowning (or red eyes, blocked sinuses, or jaw-chewing) – and that in so doing they will understand the need to experiment in an open and observant way. This means trying new things and watching what happens. For example, giving up certain types of food and drink might help reduce frowning – but this is not a one or two day experiment – it usually takes longer to see any effects.  I doubt the ideas in this book will help those wishing to remain ‘within their stories’ tied into current habits. In other words, I think there will be people who deal with frowning by taking short-cuts such as botox or skin-fillers, and other people who wish to deal with tension and frowning, as I did, by exploring and changing themselves, their circumstances and their personal ‘stories’ and habits.

Life system to relax face and eyes